Tools All Homeowners Need for Proper Lawncare

If you want to take proper care of your lawn, there are a few tools you will need to successfully accomplish the task. While some – if not all – these are obvious, a few may surprise you. Each tool listed below has its own unique benefits and handles specific tasks you will undoubtedly encounter.

Not all tools are created equally, however. For help choosing the right tools check out reviews found online. This ensures you aren’t wasting your money on subpar tools. One such site with tool reviews is Frye Farms Inc.

Lawn Mower

The lawn mower is the very first thing you will need, and it will make the largest difference. Your lawn should be mowed about every week to two weeks during the warm months. During the snow season you will not need to mow at all, but in fall it will still need mowing about once a month.

If you own less than an acre of land, you should be find choosing a push mower. If, however, you own a large piece of property which exceeds an acre of land, you will want to choose a ride-on mower.

Weed Wacker

A weed wacker, also known as a trimmer or edger, can help you get those hard to reach places the mower just won’t cut. This includes the cracks in sidewalks, beside pathways, around trees, and along fence lines. Without a weed wacker, these areas can quickly become overgrown and effect the overall visual appeal of your yard greatly – not to mention leave places for insects and other pests to hide.


A large pair of sturdy clippers, also sometimes referred to as lobbers or hand trimmers, are important because they allow you to trim any flora in your yard. A good pair of clippers can keep your bushes from becoming overgrown, clip flowers, trim trees, and a medley of other things you will undoubtedly need done at some point as a homeowner.

Wheel Barrow

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A wheel barrow is used to transport stuff around the yard which would be difficult to do otherwise, such as when it is too heavy or bulky to carry in your arms. It can be helpful during the fall for transporting leaves to the side of the street for pickup, or for bringing mulch to your flowerbeds. It can also be used to transport dirt, weeds, or even trash.